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August 24, 2009, 2:48 pm
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Oh, hai!

I have decided, after some deliberation and a good many sleepless nights, to create a blog through which I can vent the bouts madness that periodically fill my little head. But not to fret, I’ll mostly be sharing my cooking adventures and daily fails. And I take tasty-looking pictures so that’s alright. Nom.

Until I invest in some cookbooks, I will be collecting the majority of my recipes from blogs and websites. For now, I am but a poor, currently unemployed college student who wonders at the straight ballsiness of her latest decision in her academic career and what it will bring in the near and distant future. Buuut that’s for later. Now food!

What better way to celebrate the summer and herald in a new blog than with a peach cobbler? None, yeah, exactly.I got this wonderful recipe from Heidi from 101 Cookbooks, and my cousin and sister (two of my most loyal and overly enthusiastic taste-testers) think it is quite delicious. I must say, I quite agree. White peaches with a generous heap of biscuit topping? You can’t go wrong.

I tweaked the recipe a bit and replaced brown sugar for the white in the peach mixture and in some of the topping. I was also out of buttermilk so I used milk and lemon juice to a 1 cup : 1 tbs ratio.  Oh, and yeah, I used peaches instead of her original cherries. Mm.


I also made orecchiette for lunch later today, as there was very little in the house that would build a substantial meal for a seventeen year-old and a pescatarian thirteen year-old. Sidenote: I’m also pescatarian and have happily been so for more than a year now, so my recipes will probably not have meat. I found the orecchiette recipe on another super blog, Nicky’s delicious:days. I also had to substitute ingredients for this recipe, as I only had King Arthur’s white whole wheat flour. It was a bit difficult to shape the dough, but it held together nicely after some intensive kneading. The pasta had a good texture to it and held a nice bite to it.

P1020687I boiled it and cooked it in olive oil with onions, sundried tomatoes, broccoli, capers, and parsley. After aggressive applications of pre-grated cheese, my cousin and sister went to town on their pastas.

I think they liked it because every little ear has disappeared from their plates.


Later tonight, I will be leaving them to move back near campus. It is with a heavy, strained heart that I go, as it is very likely that I will not see them again until my birthday in late November.

Ladies, you mean more to me than the world 239487 times over. I  hope that by filling your bellies, I have worked my way into keeping a warm place in your hearts.


And we begin.
August 24, 2009, 9:58 am
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I hope nobody sees this yet…but in the event someone does, I am using a photo I found on google in my header until I can buy a bag of cookies and take my own pictures. Basically, if this is your image, I am not stealing it, merely borrowing it until I can hit Ralph’s or Vons at a less ungodly hour. Okaythanks